Through the wind Shield

Through the wind Shield


It was a chance encounter, little more than a glance really.

The were walking down the street I was driving up

Teenagers, obviously at the beginning of a courtship

It was a hot summer day and He had taken his shirt off

Strutting with a subdued arrogance that you only find in the young

Those who never question their opinions,

Those who fill their speech with clichés because the feel it makes them sound intelligent


She seemed average height and built,

But to be honest I don’t remember what she looked like

I was lucky enough to glimpse a smile

A wide-eyed, innocence on the verge of seduction

100% genuine and sincere smile

In a fraction of an instant I saw her look at him

And I witnessed complete adoration in her eyes


Then the moment passed, and we continued on our opposite path

Never to cross again.


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