Should not just be 1 day a year.

Standing on the hard packed earth with your eyes on the horizon, though fear may be in your heart you’ll never show it in front of your Brothers.
So that we can have our BBQ’s on Saturday night and complain about our jobs.
Standing in the mud Ankle deep facing an enemy who never seems to sleep, They eat their rations between firefights in the rain under the cover of darkness.
So that we can complain to our friends about the cost of gas and groceries.
Trudging through Mud and Blood of their fallen comrades, up to their knees now fighting to overthrow tyranny as much as to make it home to their loved ones
So that we can enjoy Happy Hour with our friends and complain about our families.
Lying 6 feet underground at peace, though not by peaceful means. Having Died for our Lifestyles and Freedom.
So that we can remember them 1 day a year? NO. Support our Troops 365 days. Appreciate their sacrifice. Applaud their Courage and Most importantly Remember lest we be Damned to repeat these horrors on future generations. 

Thank A Veteran today for your Freedom.


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